Here are some answers to questions that you may have

Q. What does the consultation meeting involve?
The no-obligation, free consultation can be done in your home or at your wedding venue where can have a chat about your wedding and you can see more of my work and my sample wedding albums. booking fee of £100 will be required to secure your date.

Q. What style is your wedding photography?
A skilled natural-style wedding photographer is one that you shouldn’t notice too much and yet has the competence to spend the entire day in the thick of the action photographing uninhibited interactions between family and friends. Importantly, a photographer should have no impact on the atmosphere or flow of the day itself.

I do think it’s important to have around 10-15 minutes to capture some family groups plus portraits of you both at some point in the day, but these are kept incredibly light and fun. I spend a large part of the wedding day photographing real and meaningful moments between family and friends. Weddings are full of these beautiful and often fleeting moments - elements that depict the true essence of a wedding day.

Q. How can you keep your prices so completive?
Most couples when planning there wedding budget want good value for money and photography is no exception. Because my prices are fair I am kept very busy, and that means I can keep prices affordable. This is a full-time photography business using excellent equipment so quality is of a very high standard. As you can see, you are simply getting high standards for less of the cost.

Q. Can we have two photographers at our wedding?
Yes you can add a second photographer to your package this gives the advantage of a far greater selection of photographs capturing different moments from your wedding day and all of the key moments are taken on two sets of cameras from two different perspectives. The second photographer also acts as an assistant helping to make everything run smoothly on your wedding day. I process the images along with my own so that all of your photos are in the same flawless style. Recommended for larger weddings with over 100+ day guests attending.

Q. What sort of shots do you take at the reception?
We take detail shots of the tables, decor and wedding cake, as well as candid’s of guests mingling as much as time allows, and we like to stay and get you being announced into the room, as well as cutting cake, and the speeches. With the full day package I will continue capturing the arrival of your evening guests and include party shots right up to and just after your first dance.

Q. What type of Wedding book do you supply?
My most popular Photobook - Lay-Flat design A4 coffee table book containing 12 pages with a hardback cover is a lovely memento album of your wedding day. The book contains an average of 50 favourite shots from your day.

Q. Do you offer a Pre-wedding shoot?
Yes. Pre-wedding shoot gives you the opportunity to see how I work, to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and for us to get to know each other better before the wedding. All of which makes for a much more enjoyable and successful experience on the day of your wedding. Pre-wedding shoot can take place at your venue or local park around a month before your wedding. Pre-wedding shoot + high resolution images.

Q. Do we need to provide a meal for staying on past the wedding breakfast?
A meal would be gratefully excepted as photographing a wedding can be long day, so during your wedding breakfast I usually retire to eat once your guests are seated.

Q. When will we receive our photographs?
You will receive your Photographs on a DVD Disc or USB flash drive after you return from honeymoon. (Approximately 2-3 weeks) But during busy peak summer months, it may take a little longer.

Q. What kind of equipment do you use?
I use professional high end Canon equipment, I carry two Canon 5D MkIII - Digital SLR cameras that can produce a file size suitable for printing on a bill board. Plus a selection of L series lenses (Canon’s flagship Professional lens)

Q. What if it rains?
In the event of bad weather, we would search for a sheltered area or locate an area in doors or even wait for a break in the weather,

Q. What happens if you fall ill on our day?
I have never ever missed a wedding, but for your reassurance, I have a network of photographers to call upon should something extraordinary happen.

Q. What if we cancel our wedding?
This should be done at the earliest opportunity. Unfortunately, in most cases the deposit is not refundable, unless I can rebook the date again. If you are cancelling in order to reschedule, then hopefully we can just move the date and nothing will be lost.

Q. Do I have to add VAT to your prices?
No. We are careful to restrict the number of weddings we attend. This allows us to ensure a consistently high quality of service to our clients. It also means there is no VAT to pay and the prices you see on our website are the prices you will pay.